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Autometal buy any vehicle, dead or alive, and offer free same-day car removal

Cash for Car
Cash for Car
Cash for Car
Cash for Car
Cash for Car
Cash for Car
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Autometal, We take our commitment to recycling seriously, and we do everything in our power to help make Brisbane a cleaner and greener place. We want to hand off this community to the next generation greener than we found it. It’s our goal, and we work hard every day to make it happen. 

We’re a local company who pays cash for all sorts of cars and heavy machinery. It doesn’t matter if your car runs or what type of condition it’s in. We’ll pay you top dollar for that eyesore that’s been sitting in your backyard for the past ten years. We also buy cars and trucks that have been wrecked beyond repair. If it’s metal, our car wreckers in Brisbane will buy it off of you.

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cash for cars brisbane

Locally owned & operated

Brisbane based, locally owned and operated. We value each customer & provide excellent service, the Ozzie way.

cash for cars brisbane

Make earth greener & cleaner

Autometal care and take our commitment to recycling seriously, and we do everything in our power to keep earth clean and green.

car wreckers brisbane
Professional team of humans

Our Autometal team is fully trained and are masters of what they do. Our services be hassle free, we promise.

cash for cars brisbane

Recycle & make money

Autometal offer the opportunity to both recycle your old vehicle and make good money. Also, free same day removal.

TOP CASH for trucks

Autometal pay top cash for unwanted vehicles, dead or alive, give us a ring now to get a free quote.

free same-day removal

We not only pay top cash but also provide free same day removal your vehicle. Autometal can help you get your money

vast coverage area

We service the wider Queensland region so no matter where you are we will remove your car.

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cash for trucks & Machinery

Get paid top dollar for heavy machinery from Autometal Car Wrecker Brisbane. Don’t worry if it doesn’t work. We’ll come and get your heavy machinery and even pay cash for it. Do you have old buses, boats, or even planes? If so, then give our cash for cars Brisbane a call. We’ll send someone right out to get it. Not only that, but we’ll also pay you for it. You may have old construction equipment that doesn’t work. Items such as bulldozers, excavators, or cranes are all things that we pick up and take away. 

If it’s big, made out of metal, and heavy we’ll take it off of your hands. There is nothing too big that our car removal service can’t remove. It’s not uncommon for people to buy pieces of land that have items like these on it. You may have also inherited a property with machinery on it that doesn’t work. Whatever the reason, we’re always there to pick it up and pay you cash for trucks and machinery.

massive collection

used auto parts

We have an ever increasing inventory that ensures that you’ll find exactly what you need. Plus, you won’t pay those high prices auto parts stores ask. The savings can be tremendous and you’ll be surprised by the conditions of some of the auto parts. Remember, we pay cash for cars Brisbane as well. Some of the cars have been wrecked and totaled. A brand new car that has been wrecked beyond repair still has like new parts. You’re basically buying the same thing as the auto parts store, but at a steep discount. 

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sell my car for cash Brisbane

sell my car for cash Brisbane

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