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Even the same model of used car can arrive in the same day and I might pay a better price for scarp car in Brisbane than the other. There are a lot of factors that determine how much your car is worth today and at this very minute.

  • How many KMS does it have?
  • Has it been regularly serviced?
  • Have you (or your partner) been backing into bollards at shopping centers?
  • Has it lived most of its life as a show pony or a work horse?

No matter whether it be a ute, sedan, people mover or compact used car, I will be able to offer a price to you for it.

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cash for car in Brisbane

Cash for Car in Brisbane

Scrap My Old Car for Cash – Sell Your Scrap Car Today!​

Cash Cars Buyer buys all makes and models, while offering all potential junk car sellers an instant offer on his/her car!

Begin the process by entering your car’s specs and get that instant offer in the comfort of your home or location, 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Once you have your offer, call us so we can ask you some additional questions about your car. Then, you will get an offer on your car, that you are under no obligation to accept.

But once you accept it, we will make plans to come to your location to examine your car.

When all is “good to go”, we will put cash in your hands, FAST!

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How do Professionals Scrap a Car?

Have you ever wondered what the process is like of scraping a car? Do you think about what happens to your car once you sell it? Allow us to enlighten you and feed your curiosity!

Step 1

Car Removal

The first step before the salvage process begins is the removal of the junk car from your property. Then, professionals take it to a large salvage facility. Generally, if the car is not drivable, or has been a fixture on a property for quite some time, a flatbed tow truck may haul it away to the salvage yard. If the car can move, but has a bad engine or some other mechanical issue, a conventional tow truck will be used to pick the car up and take it to the salvage center.

Step 2

The Draining of the Fluids

Once the car is at the salvage yard, the draining of the fluids takes place. Even for the junk car that has been sitting for a long time, there are fluids in there, that professionals will begin to remove. Some of those fluids include brake fluid, engine oil, and transmission fluid. Each of these fluids have to be remove, before salvage yard agents can continue. Professionals remove the fluids to remove any risk of environmental contamination. The fluids also pose a threat to the workers. Also, under the right circumstances, those fluids could be explosive. This poses a true threat to the salvage workers.

Step 3

Parting the Car Out

Thinking that your car is worthless and of no use? Not true at all. There are some useful and those parts can be installed on running and working vehicles. Lots of times, those “popular” or prized components or items on a car with value, are taken off, first. Those great working and in-demand parts are then placed for sale by cash for car in Brisbane. People can usually buy them at discount. Lots of salvage yards are open to the public and are touted at “pick-a-part” kind of shops. These “car part bonanzas” allow for people to shop for specific car parts they need to restore or fix a car they already have.

Step 4


In today’s day and age, lots of salvage yards will go to the extra mile of taking the rubber, plastic and glass off of junk cars and placing them aside for recycling. Even though metal parts offer the most value, lots of recycling methods are used for various parts of the car. Thanks to technology, salvage professionals take items such as tires, broken glass, plastics and non-metallic components to recycling centers.

Step 5

The Recycling of Aluminum

Lots of today’s vehicles are manufactured of lightweight aluminum. Given such, agents take that aluminum and process it for recycling. Professionals remove the parts from scrap, before the processing of steel.

Step 6

The Recycling of Steel

A good amount of the metals found in vehicles are iron and steel. Those metals make up more than half of a vehicle’s total weight. Once salvage professionals have those parts, they flatten them with a crusher. Then those parts are ground by a shredding machine. Agents then take a vast amount of that metal and convert it into new parts and items.


Do you have a scrap car sitting in your driveway or garage? You know, the old fixer-upper that was supposed to be a weekend project? You planned to get it running for your son or daughter, or, maybe your plan was to sell it for extra cash. You may have already spent more than you wanted, and the car or truck still doesn’t run! No worries, Autometal cash for car in Brisbane will provide scrap car removal free of charge and we will pay you for your clean title.

However, there are a few options for you to get cash for your scrap car. You may think selling your scrap car online would be the easiest option, but do you really have the time to meet potential buyers? Other options you may consider to remove your scrap car from your home may include selling your scrap car to a family member, friend, or neighbor, but if they are not happy with the purchase you may lose your relationship with your friend or relative.

Another option is to try selling your scrap car to a local buyer and that will take time out of your already busy schedule. Many times, potential car buyers do not show up for the scheduled time to meet you about your scrap car and they may not let you know they are not coming until you have already spent the time waiting.

In addition, the above-mentioned options may also not be the safest method, so we recommend if your vehicle is not running be sure you have a friend or relative present during the scheduled meeting with potential car buyers.


Many potential car buyers never show up for their scheduled appointment to meet you and check-out your scrap car. Autometal Cash for cars Brisbane will show up and pay cash for scrap cars. We make the entire scrap car removal process quick and easy. The following is our easy 3-step selling process for scrap cars in Brisbane:

  • Contact Cash for Cars Brisbane to get an offer, and accept our guaranteed cash offer.
  • Schedule a convenient time for you to have us pick up your scrap car.
  • Get your guaranteed cash offer, and we’ll handle the rest and tow your scrap car for free.

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