With more experience in wrecking cars than any company – we’re always on the lookout for
cars (vehicles, Jeeps trucks, vans and utes) that no-one else wants.

We pay a fair-price for your old vehicle, which we may refurbish or sell individually as auto parts.

A quote is the way to get the process of sale started

If you have an old car occupying nothing but space in your garage, the best thing you can do with the car is get rid of it.

Car Wreckers Autometal will give you a quote over the phone itself. A few minutes is all it will take. All you need to give us are a few details like your car’s brand name, model, date of purchase and details as to whether your car is working or not.

We’ll do the rest. We’ll price your car using a database of Motor Car Vehicle Value we maintain on cars across Australia. We guarantee we will not be beaten on price.

Can you trust a company that wrecks cars for a living?

Yes, if they are licensed and registered. Car Wreckers Adelaide is registered with the Australian Government. All our activities are transparent and above board. We maintain full records and details of cars we purchase, pull apart or resell.

The process of sale: how it works

  • Let’s say you have an old car you don’t want any more, call us to get a price on it at Car Wreckers Autometal on 0474709200.
  • We’ll ask you a few simple questions and give you a quote for your vehicle over the phone itself.
  • If you are happy with the price we quote, we’ll arrange a time to send one of our Men with a Tow Truck to your place.
  • If your car is in the condition you described it to be to us – we will hand over the agreed amount to you and tow it away.
  • Separately, you will need to fill in a Notice of Disposal Form with DPTI Australia and hand a signed copy over to us.
  • Would you liken to sell your car to us?

    We’d be only too delighted to take your call. To obtain your FREE Quote, please call us at Car Wrecker Autometal now on 0474709200. Do not hasitate to contact us now.

    Got questions? Contact our friendly staff now.

    Autometal Company is the best Car Wrecker Company in Brisbane