We are the Car Wreckers who pays top dollars to buy your car and wreck it at our yard that is why We buy Scrap Cars

Autometal Car Removals is car wreckers in Brisbane and we buy scrap cars, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast that it pays to call to have wrecked your car or truck. We assure to make an offer up to $9000 cash. Contact us at the number below.

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We Offers Free Car Wrecking in Brisbane, Gold Coast, & Sunshine Coast

with Autometal Car Removals, car & truck owners have a free wrecker. Accidents happen, and maybe your car or truck was left in totaled condition, but the parts under the hood can be pulled and reconditioned, adding tremendous value to your car. Maybe your truck is old, and there are hard to find parts & components that can be reconditioned; that adds value to the car, as well. Whatever make and condition of your car or truck, we are car wreckers that pay our customers to wreck their cars.

We Transfer Away Wrecked Cars for Free

At Autometal Car Removals, we transfer away wrecked cars in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast for free. We are the car removal company in town that makes cash quotes over the phone, and when accepted, a free removal follows. A free removal that pays up to $9000 cash for your wrecked car. We are car wreckers that get the optimal value from any class and make of car or truck.

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Our Car Wreckers in Brisbane Are Tops in The Business

At ECR, our car wreckers are tops in the wrecking business. We have a full team of expert wreckers that work in a yard with all the necessary tools and equipment to wreck cars of all classes. We are a removal industry that pays cash for cars, and one that makes getting rid of wrecked cars & trucks a simple process:

Contact an expert Autometal Car Removals appraiser over the phone or online. We provide quick quotes based on the make, model, year, and condition of cars.

Accept, reject, or think our offer over.

Schedule a free car removal in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, or the Sunshine Coast. We are a local removal company that schedules fast & efficient removals at times that work for our customers.

When our technician arrives, he arrives fully prepared to buy & remove cars, putting fast cash up to $9000 in the hands of car owners.

We Come To You For Truck Removal

There’s no reason to hassle with towing when you Sell your Truck in Sydney to Cash Car Removal. We are the company that offers around the clock free truck removals. This means you get your auto-removed at a time convenient for you. We don’t make the removal an ordeal. We simply require about 45 minutes to inspect the vehicle, provide the paperwork to sign we buy scrap cars and pay you our cash offer amount. That quick, that simple. Your car is sold and removed, and the cash for your car is in your hand. Up to $9000 cash.

We Green Auto Recycle

If you have an old car and want cash for cars wherever you are in Brisbane. We will give you top dollar for your car up to $9999 in cash! We will provide the car removal and car disposal for Scrap Your Car in Brisbane!

Why Choose Us?

When AutoMetal Car Removals is your choice in a removal company, you have a reputable company that offers you their best offer for your car. Our process of buying wrecked cars & trucks is fast and efficient, and one that leaves car owners counting up to $9000 cash.

Our company is a professional company, and one that provides a range of services that include eco-friendly services. When our wreckers remove a car to be wrecked, they do so properly. The car will not sit on an open plot contaminating the environment, nor will it be tossed into a landfill.

We are a company that you can rely on for quick & efficient car wrecking and fast cash up to $9000.

To learn more about our services, or to request a quick quote for your car, contact us at the number below. We are your removal company that services Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast. Call us or complete our online form at the top right of this page for a cash quote for your car.

Call 0474709200

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Free Car Removals Wide Up To $9000!

At Cash Car Removal, vehicle owners who want to get rid of their vehicle, whether used, useless, scrap, damaged, wrecked, broken, rusted, just need to call Cash Car Removal for a free car removal. We serve all suburbs of Sydney with fast and convenient car removals that put cash in your pocket before we leave your location.

That old car, truck, SUV, 4×4, van, commercial vehicle, ute, motorcycle, Jeep, etc. may be worth up to $9000 when you call Cash Car Removal. Also you can contact us on anytime anywhere or just write us an email from our contact us page or simply call this phone Number: 0474709200

Got questions? Contact our friendly staff now.

Autometal Company is the best Car Wrecker Company in Brisbane