about us

About us

Who are we? We’re glad you asked. We’re the type of people who understand the importance of a job done right. Every day we try our best to serve the community. It’s important to us that we’re not just a business who’s eye is always on profit. The end goal for us is to connect with customers and be a good steward of the land. The services that we offer have a direct impact on the quality of life for many people. We haul away unwanted cars and heavy machinery that can hurt the environment.

top dollar guaranteed

cash for cars & machinery

We’re known as the people who pay you cash for your clunker. Sure, it’s an essential part of our business. The incentive for people to sell us their car that doesn’t work may not be money at all. It could be to get the thing out of their hair. It doesn’t matter why you’re selling the car to us. We’ll take it off of your hands and even pay you some cash for it. We’re upfront about the payout, and you’ll know right away how much to expect. You’ll be surprised by the fact that we meet or beat any offer that’s given. We’re not the type of people who believe in shortchanging anyone. It’s not the way we do business.

a few reasons to sell an old car.

  • It's getting in the way of things.
  • You want to save the planet by recycling
  • You need some extra cash.
  • The car doesn't run anymore
  • Your partner is sick and tired of looking at the clunker.
  • You need a trust worthy place to sell old car

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efficient recycling services

top cash for unwanted vehicles

When you use our service be rest assured that you will get top cash and your car will be recycled responsibly.

easy and hassle free process

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About us
working together with the community

locally owned & operated

We’re not some big company that is owned by a faceless corporation. We live and work in the same community as you do. This is important because you want to know you’re dealing with a company that reinvests back into the community. We do that through many means such as hiring locals, recycling and reusing and participating in community events. When doing business with us, you won’t find people who put themselves up on a pedestal. It’s important to us that we not only fit into the community, but we’re active in making it a better place.

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Locally owned & operated

Autometal is Brisbane based, locally owned and operated. We value each customer & provide excellent service, the Ozzie way.

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Make earth greener & cleaner

We care and take our commitment to recycling seriously, and we do everything in our power to keep earth clean and green.

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Professional team of humans

Our team is fully trained and are masters of what they do. Our services be hassle free, we promise.

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Recycle & make money

We offer the opportunity to both recycle your old vehicle and make good money. Also, free same day removal.

easy and hassle free process

a hard working team

getting the job done

To say we’re hardworking is an understatement. Every day we go out there and make a difference for our community. This commitment is carried over to each customer. No one here looks at a customer as merely a number. We view everyone as a person, and everyone is always treated with the utmost respect. It comes from caring about people and wanting to do the very best possible to ensure that our community is taken care of.

keeping the earth clean and green

our commitment to the environment is second to none

Protecting the environment is one of the reasons why we got into this business, to begin with. It gives us an excellent opportunity to protect the environment while serving the community at the same time. Rarely is it possible for two things to be done such as this at one time. There’s only one planet earth, and it’s our responsibility to take care of it. It’s something we take very seriously. All of our practices put the environment first, and it’s something that every employee fully understands. Our commitment to the environment comes from the top down and is shared by everyone who works for us.

About us

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