We Pay Cash for your Car Removal in Brisbane

We are also open to a same-day money payment. Let our staff know of your preference so we can arrange the pick up within the day, just Call us

Fast, Free and Reliable Car Removal in Brisbane

Autometal is one of the premium auto car wreckers and car removal in Brisbane. From our car wreckers in Brisbane we offer cash for cars service and we pay up to $9000 in cash. If you have an unwanted or scrap car that’s in need of removal and disposal, Autometal can help you here.

We offer fast, free and reliable car removal in Brisbane all the way and we offer cash for your car!

Cars Removal in Brisbane
Car Removal in Brisbane

Benefits of getting Scrap Car Removal in Brisbane services?

On-the-spot Cash:
When you book our service, you get paid cash for unwanted cars right on the spot. You won’t need to deal with the hassle of falling in line in the bank to get your check payment encashed. Whatever amount we promised in exchange for your scrap car will be handed to you in cash on the day we collect the vehicle. Call Car removal in Brisbane on: + 61 474709200

Free Car Removal:
Our scrap car removal in Brisbane service is free of charge. You don’t have to shell out money for us to collect an old vehicle from your garage. We’d be happy to buy the car from you and pick it up without extra costs. This way, you get to free up space at home and earn quick bucks too!

24/7 Service:
We offer 24/7 service to all customers. Just give us a call or send us an email and our team will arrange a schedule to pick up your car as soon as possible.

Call us on: + 61 474709200

Cash for Cars of All Types:
Car Removal in Brisbane Company, we offer the best deals for all types of scrap cars. Whether it’s used, fairly new, or flooded, you can count on us to give you reasonable rates for your unwanted vehicles. The model, make, and year of manufacture also do not matter. We have specialists who can assess your car and give you an estimate that you can’t resist.

Same-day Collection:
We are also open to a same-day car collection. Let our staff know of your preference so we can arrange the pick up within the day.

Why contact us Autometal Car Removal in Brisbane?

Autometal car removal in Brisbane is among the most trusted cash for car specialists in the country. We have been in the business for quite a while and we know the quality of service that our customers expect from us. Our Cash for Car program is known to be one of the best in the business because we always offer the highest rates we could to clients. 

With over 200 used car buyers enlisted with us, you can sell your unwanted car for cash instantly. To avail of our cash for cars Brisbane service, feel free to contact us at +61474709200 or drop an email at info@autometal.com.au  You may also fill out our contact sheet on the website and we’ll get back to you right away.

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Car Removal in Brisbane

What cars can you remove?

Junk Car Removal in Brisbane:
Need some quick cash? Autometal will remove that old junker and you’ll even make some quick bucks, anywhere in Brisbane.
Damaged Car Removal in Brisbane:
If you’ve got a car damaged beyond repair, call Autometal for a quick car removal. Professional and friendly services makes the process easy.
Car Disposal:
Got an old car that needs to be disposed? Autometal is a responsible recycler, the best equipped for safe car disposal.
Scrap Car Removal:
If you’ve wrecked a car and need the body removed, Autometal recycles the most car bodies is Brisbane.

Why Is Junk Car Removal Important

If you own a junk car you’re not using, you’ve had to come across some reports about it. Your friends may wonder why you still hold a useless car. Similarly, your local automotive dealer can repeatedly urge you to sell your old car. Why is this happening? Why is removing your junkcar from your house so important? Understandably, even if your car is no longer functioning, you may feel emotionally attached to it. You will be unsure what to do about it, too. Whatever the explanation for this, for a very long time you will have an rusty, rusted car in your backyard. This is not advisable though. Deletion of junk cars is necessary for a number of reasons.You may find more details about this at  Autometal car Removal in Brisbane.

Extra space-A no brainer. A car that no longer runs does nothing but take up extra space in your house. When you think about it, the field can be used in a number of other ways. Even, if you don’t run a car at all, it can be hard to move it. This can affect area cleanliness and maintenance. So ensure you don’t waste a certain portion of your property, you need to consider removing junk vehicles.

Depreciation-You might be hesitant to sell your car because you fear it would cause a big loss. You can’t sell an incredibly old car at a high price, obviously. You have to remember though that this loss is inevitable. The longer you keep your vehicle, the greater the decline of value. Therefore it is best to sell your junk car as soon as possible to mitigate the loss that you have to bear.

Benefit others-Although you might not have thought about this, a variety of people will benefit from disposing of a vehicle. For example, if you chose not to sell your car but to donate it to a mechanics school, the donation would help many students. And even though a car is useless to you, it may be useful to others.

Write-off the taxes-Another significant reason junk car removal is because of the numerous advantages that it can bring.

5 Reasons Why Scrap Car Removal Companies Should Be Your First Choice For Your Old Car

Do you possess an old car?

Do you wish to get the last buck out of it?

The business is at your service. Scrap car removal companies are your best solution to get rid of your old car for something more useful and valuable.

Your wrecked car is not just a pile of metal trash, but is still of some value to the scrap companies who are willing to offer cash for junk cars, cash for scrap cars, car removal in Brisbane and cash for unwanted cars.

This kind of business is gaining coverage due to its high margins and low inventory management. There are many companies being established even in the smaller parts of the world; offering the best solutions for old cars. There are many companies which offer cash for cars in Brisbane, by the name Autometal Car Removal

Find What Attracts You The Most

The following are some of the major reasons which will attract you to visit your nearest scrap car company to remove your old car:

Finding a potential buyer by placing advertisements can be really expensive, time consuming and at times, frustrating. Scrap car companies does the work for you.

Everyone loves cash! Period.

Scrap car companies pay cash upfront for your old car. Yes, it is too good to be true. If you no longer need your old, used car, you can easily make arrangements with the scrap company to sell it. You obviously does not like to pay taxes, insurance or repair costs for something you do not even wish to use anymore. Selling it the old fashion way might not get you a fair price for the vehicle. Scrap car removal companies usually recycle and reuse old vehicles, which allows them to be in a position to offer you a good value for your car. You can replace your car with them or simply take instant cash to end the transaction.

Live in a greener world!

Selling old/ damaged vehicles to scrap car removal companies is an amazing eco-friendly option. The registered companies need to abide the laws of the area and has to take proper disposal measures to make sure that the car does not end in a landfill or becomes responsible for any type of environmental hazards. These companies usually refurbish all the parts that are useful and sell the damaged parts as scrap metal. Environment saving can help you make some real cash on the way.

Repair or Don’t; Doesn’t Matter

Old doesn’t always mean gold. It is normal to have non-functional parts in the car after a few years. Replacing them or getting them repaired might make you pocket light, which is why you should content the car removal company to give you hard cash for your old car. It is obviously more economical and hassle-free.

Do you have storage to store your old cars? When you can simply contact a car removal company and they will take care of towing, valuing, handing over the cash and whatnot, then why do you even think of keeping the old piece of metal in your house and waste both money and space. It is the company’s responsibility to tow the car from your place, running or not, and offer you a fair price for it.

Sell & Move On

It is more convenient to simply just sell the metal structure in return for some real cash. So why keep it to yourself, sell to car removal in Brisbane company like Autometal and move on!

What should i know before i choose a car removal service

Not all car removal companies offer the same services. If you don’t have one that is recommended to you, or one that you have researched, then you will need to research and find a car removal in Brisbane to hiring one. The first step in the process of choosing a car removal  to determine what type of car removal service you need. If you have a scrap, junk or accident vehicle then you more likely will tend to lean toward a car removal company that is also an auto wrecker. The reason is quite simple. You will have a better chance at a better price on your vehicle.

  1. Junk car, also called cash for cars companies, are worth selling your vehicle to provided that you have a vehicle that you want to sell; and, that the company specialties in the type of vehicle you are selling. For instance, if you have a junk, scrap or wrecked vehicle then you will want to contact a scrap car removal in Brisbane Companies like that specialties in scrap cars. The reason that a scrap car company may be better, in this case, is that they deal solely with recycling vehicles, so they have a better idea of their worth. If you have a used vehicle, then you’ll want to contact a company that makes offers for the maximum payout through a cash for cars company, which is $9000 cash. Companies like Autometal  is a car removal company that buy scrap and used vehicles and pays up to $9000. We are not just a reseller, but also a wrecker, so our customers are sure that they do get a fair offer as scrap metal is our business.
  2. The location of the company does matter as you want a local car removal company as they will offer their removal services free. Cash for Car Brisbane and car removal in Brisbane services all suburbs and locations in Brisbane with free scrap  car removal services. You will also have scheduled appointments that are more convenient.
  3. The reputation of the company is important as you want to assure that you are selling your vehicle to an honest and fair company that won’t take advantage of you. Car removal companies can take advantage of a vehicle owner in many different ways. They can offer you less than what your vehicle is worth, claim they will pay you with a cheque that you don’t receive, charge you for a towing or disposal fee, etc.
  4. Legitimate companies will have their physical address listed on their site.


Obtaining cash quotes from multiple car removal companies is not difficult. Most websites that you visit like Cash for Car Autometal will have a “Get a Quote” for located on their webpage that allows you to fill in the details of your vehicle. Before you obtain a quote, check to ensure that the company appears to be legitimate and has the services that you need- the physical address listed, free car removals, cash for cars on the spot.

When providing the details of your vehicle be sure that you are specific as possible. The make, model, age and odometer reading, as well as the vehicle identification number, are simple, but when it comes to the condition, don’t just write engine broken down. Detail what is wrong with the engine, any dents on the body of the car, the condition of the interior, etc. You get paid on the recycling and salvage value of your vehicle, not just a flat fee for the steel’s worth. Parts that have precious metals and can be recycled as well as parts that can be salvaged and reconditioned will add value to your scrap car recycle. So, be as specific as possible.

The best price is typically the price that a vehicle owner goes for. Before you accept that best price be sure that you ask the company to provide all necessary paperwork to make the sale of the vehicle legal, transferring all responsibility to the company.

 Car removal in Brisbane are the best service and the way to sell your scrap, junk or accident car as well as your used car and get fairly decent cash. The key is to find a company like Autometal car removal in Brisbane that is legitimate and offers the services your require. Call on +61 474709200

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