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We’re a local company who pays cash for all sorts of vehicles and heavy machinery. It doesn’t matter if your car runs or what type of condition it’s in. We’ll pay you top dollar for that eyesore that’s been sitting in your backyard for the past ten years. We also buy cars and trucks that have been wrecked beyond repair. If it’s metal, we’ll buy it off of you. We strip down the entire vehicle until it is no more. We then sell the used auto parts and recycle the rest. There’s very little from a car that isn’t used in some manner after we’re done with it. The entire process is very straightforward, and that’s why we’re able to give top dollar for any vehicle regardless if it runs or not.

car wreckers brisbane

Car Wreckers Brisbane

Top cash for cars, dead or alive, we want it.

cash for cash brisbane

Used Auto Parts

A massive and ever growing stock of used auto parts.

heavy duty machinery recycling

Heavy Duty Machinery

We will help you get rid of the old clunker responsibly.

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efficient recycling services

top cash for unwanted vehicles

When you use our service be rest assured that you will get top cash and your car will be recycled responsibly.

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efficient and responsible wreckers

Why choose autometal?

  • We'are locally owned and operated
  • The environment is important to us.
  • We pay cash for cars even if they don’t work.
  • We’ll pay you top dollar for heavy machinery.
  • We’ll help you get rid of that hunk of junk in your yard.
  • Buses, boats, airplanes, cars, trucks, and vans are just a few of the things we buy.
  • Our fast, friendly staff will do everything possible to serve you.
  • We have a constant supply of used auto parts.
  • Your car will be recycled, and the planet will be better off because of it.
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